Italian WiMAX Operator Mandarin Wimax Sicilia Selects WiNetworks Solutions

NY, New York, ― June 1th, 2009 ― WiNetworks, a pioneer and leader in the development and integration of WiMAX 802.16e Wave 2 (MIMO) technologies, announced today a new partnership with Italian operator Mandarin Wimax Sicilia S.p.A., supplier of Broadband Wireless Access Services in the region of Sicily.


Mandarin Wimax has acquired a Wimax 3.5GHz license in 2008 and has decided to select WiNetworks’ Win-Max® solution for deployment of a Wimax Mobile Network infrastructure in Sicily. Of all the regions of Italy, Sicily covers the largest land area at 25,000km² and currently has just over five million inhabitant ( Ranked 4th ) and one of the lowest Internet penetration ratio of Italy being as low as 24% of the population, thus offering a great potential for aggressive and innovative Broadband access service. Mandarin Wimax is addressing Residential, Small and Large Business markets.


Deployments of the Win-Max® solution have already started with expansions in multiple cities and rural areas already planned over the next months.


“WiNetworks is delighted to work with Mandarin Wimax Sicilia as the company’s management team showed strong professional background and track records required to address the huge potential of Broadband access in the region “ commented Mr. Effi Atad, CEO of WiNetworks. “By choosing WiNetwork’s Mobile WiMAX solution, Mandarin Wimax Sicilia will change the way people communicate in Sicily ”


Vincenzo De Caro, CEO of Mandarin S.p.A, added, “By developing seamless connectivity to the urban and rural residents of Sicily with new technologies, we leverage the enormous benefits of WiMAX solutions. At Mandarin Wimax we expect to see expansion in all areas, reaching more customers and offering them the benefits of WiMAX at excellent rates. Not only is Mandarin an operator offering broadband access, for retail and business users. We also provide machine-to-machine solutions and services for monitoring the environment, i.e. remote meter reading and video surveillance with thermal sensor via Wimax. The WiNetworks Compact Base Station offering all outdoor, small form factor and truly open architecture, which we selected, is one of the viable solutions for our business model


The Win-Max® product family, including Compact and Pico BST along with a wide range of interoperable Wimax terminals, is commercially available for immediate delivery.


About Mandarin Wimax Sicilia S.p.A.

Mandarin is the first alternative local operator in Sicily. It’s a venture between Sicilian operators and it’s characterized by a strong territorial vocation. It will enhance its relationship with the Sicilian territory to provide the local market with integrated services of connectivity. The company aims to build a wireless high-speed data/voice network, with high reliability and security, covering the entire territory of Sicily. Mandarin’s present network is about 10,000 square kms. Among Mandarin’s customers, there are several players in the tourism area and financial institutions which use our radio infrastructure for their key voice and data services, instead of the traditional terrestrial connectivity via copper or fiber optic.


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About WiNetworks

WiNetworks Inc. is an innovative provider of unique WiMAX systems built according to the 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard. WiNetwork's Win-Max® systems offer a full range of products including the Compact Base Station, Pico Base Station, Customer Premise Equipment (CPEs), Self Install Units and PC Cards. Win-Max systems are standards-based products supporting mobile, portable and fixed WiMAX 802.16e-2005. WiNetwork's offers the Win-Max systems in the 1.X, 2.X and 3.XGHz frequencies including customized solutions for special frequency ranges. WiNetworks was founded in 2004 and is a principle member of the WiMAX Forum and is leading the development of the new 802.16j WiMAX standard for relay technologies. For more information visit: